Cambridge Mistress – Miss Dawn Superior


I am a professional disciplinarian! I do not offer my services for free – if for whatever reason you do not or can not pay for such services please don’t waste my time or yours by contacting me.
Secondly, I DO NOT entertain sex pests!!! At no time do I offer any sexual or intimate services or allow any form of relief during my sessions – if this is something you require I would suggest going elsewhere as you will not find it here! I offer punishment sessions only for your misdemeanors!!! Please note I remain fully clothed at all times!!!
I expect any bookings to be dealt with in a professional manner as with any business arrangement. Treat me as you would wish to be treated with regards to making a booking! I don’t appreciate having my time wasted – I am happy to discuss legitimate concerns – but if you mess me about I will simply ignore any communications from you in future! I will not tolerate sub-standard behaviour for any reason.
I expect my slaves & subs to be polite & respectful at all times, professional minded, genuine, honest & upfront about what they require during a session, disclose any medical problems that may cause issues and most importantly to be on time, clean & presentable & not under the influence of drugs or alcohol!!! Any breech of these rules & the session will terminate with no refund!
I have my own premises North of Cambridge. This is my main location for sessions.
Location: Private House with domestic setting/fetish playroom.
I am available 7 days a week at this private location. I have set up my own stylish & unique playroom with lots of toys, gadgets and restraining equippment. I can cater for domestic scenes, fetish scenes, office scenarios, interrogation scenes and more.
The Private Dungeon – Braintree/Essex. A purely dungeon setting! I will session from here once or twice a month on specific days – please see my news section for details.
With all locations you need to be discreet upon arrival and departure!
I have an extensive amount of equipment to use during sessions and a vast dressing up box to cater for almost every fetish, fantasy, scenario & more. I am also excellent at roleplay! And can pull off most scenarios with great success.
I offer limited online sessions throughout the week, weekends & some evenings.
I also travel to Watford for doubles with Miss Jessica 3-4 times throughout the year.

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