Manchester Mistress Lola


“You may well be attracted to Mistress Lola’s vintage style of beauty, diminutive stature and youthful looks, but you would be stupid to be deceived by them. She is well-educated, highly intelligent and has plenty of experience in all aspects of BDSM. She will use both Her intellect and experience to get inside your head and gain complete power and control over you. She knows exactly how to wrap any man around Her little finger, and make them grateful for the privilege.
BDSM is Mistress Lola’s passion, and She loves to play with slaves of all experience levels. If you are a nervous novice, She will delight in introducing you to domination gently and training you up to be one of Her prized slaves. If you are an experienced devotee, She will take great pleasure in adding Her own twist on your well-honed fetish fantasies by using Her deliciously kinky imagination.
Mistress Lola’s interests are wide and varied, ranging from gentle tie and tease right through to more hard-core and bizarre scenarios. She is somewhat selective with Her slaves and will only see those whose interests appeal to Her, so you can rest assured that if She allows you to serve Her, She will be enjoying Herself just as much as you, if not more!
Mistress Lola is a sophisticated Goddess and expects to be treated as such. This is not an act She puts on in session. She wears 5 inch stiletto heels to run errands and wouldn’t be seen dead without Her retro winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick. She truly lives a glamorous lifestyle 24/7 which requires a lot of time and upkeep, and those of Her submissives who work hard to make Her life easier and more enjoyable are highly valued.

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