Manchester Mistresses – Miss Kitty


Miss Kitty knows a loser on sight. She can tell by the way you avoid eye contact, fidget, stutter ect. She knows she makes us weak and because of that she makes us suffer. She knows when she catches us looking at her when we think she can’t see us but we turn away when she looks at us that she has us 100% under her control and that we’d do any task or chore no matter how humiliating or degrading for her just to be allowed in her presence and nothing more. From personal experience I can tell you Miss Kitty LOVES the control she has over closet wimps, sissies and losers like us, not only because she can use her beauty and our sexual inadequacy and weaknesses against us to manipulate us into being nothing more than drooling worker bees for our queen but also because it gives her endless personal amusement and satisfaction to see us toiling and suffering for her. The way Miss Kitty likes to symbolise her sexual power and superiority over us losers more than anything though is to lock us into a tight, restrictive and ideally pink chastity device. Miss Kitty wants her slaves to be compliant and know there role at ALL times so what better way than to cut out our main privilege and only source of relief whilst shattering any last lingering illusion of us being real men. Miss Kitty strongly believes orgasms are a right for real men only and wimps weaklings like us should be made to work and beg for any kind of release. Miss Kitty knew the first time you glanced at her cleavage and avoided eye contact that your penis/pathetic symbolism of manhood were her property and nothing more than a weapon to use against you and soon she’ll have you blackmailed and cock locked into being her cucky errand boy! Words can’t describe the humiliation and unrivalled frustration that comes with recieving a photograph of the key to your penis-prison dangling on a necklace above Miss Kitty’s perfect cleavage when you’re two weeks into a month long sentence or being made to dress and prepare Miss Kitty for a date with her real man boyfriend whilst you’re locked into a chastity device with spikes on the inside.
If you’re lucky and a true loser Miss Kitty may lock you up next
Chastity Joe

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