The House of Prim Newsletter Winter 2013


Miss Prim would like to wish all her naughty boys and girls a very happy festive season.
To all naughty boys:- The festive season brings out the mischief in naughty boys and a good dose of discipline before the end of term will help keep you all on the straight and narrow over the Xmas period.
This year’s festivities mean that Miss Prim will be administering punishment up until the 23rd of December, and will return to bring order back into your lives again from the 28th December. If you want to avoid disappointment, be sure to book your place soonest.
Maids In Training
Maids will be rushed off their feet over the festive season … therefore refresher courses are available now. The new term begins on the 2nd of February 2014.
Girls should be looking their best this time of year … so lessons in makeup, dress and most importantly deportment are on offer at the House of Prim.
I have had a very fulfilling year and have helped many a naughty girl and boy reach their objectives through the use of guidance and discipline.
I Endeavour to keep up my good work and now have many students applying from overseas. Therefore I have decided to offer online tuition through Niteflirt. This service can also be used by students that have had in-house tuition and discipline.
Again online tuition will be available for the following services: Foot slaves, financial domination, sissy training, stocking lovers, heel lovers, fur lovers etc.
I know a lot of you like to show your appreciation for all the hard work I have done through the year so I am happy to accept Amazon gift Certificates, items from my wish list, or cash through my Paypal account.
It has been noted that during the winter months a lot of you find the travelling difficult, so I will be holding sessions in London … These sessions will have to be booked in advance, so please contact me for further details
Give Yourself A Christmas Treat
I will be holding a sale of my used stockings and lingerie, all proceeds to go to my favorite charity – Miss Prim’s ‘All for me’ Charity … so come on boys and girls, buy yourself something very special for Christmas.
Lunch & Shopping In London
Boys, fancy lunch and a nice shopping trip in London with myself and Miss Harriet Heels.
To boys who wear panties
Would be happy to give advice with pantie shopping.
Shoe shopping for foot lovers …
Mmmmm … Obviously you would have to kneel and help us on with our shoes/ boots.
Boys who want to be girls
Lots of advice on make up, clothes, just a really girly fun afternoon.
Financial domination
For pay pigs that know all you are good for is to be rinsed of your wallet. Shopping trips are for a four hour duration 1pm- 4pm
This is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon with two Mistresses …
whom are sophisticated and elegant, love what they do, and are well versed in knowing what’s required to handle naughty boys and girls.
For all the above email me for details at love to you all
Miss Cecilia Prim x
Ps if you would like the large Newsletter with lots of pictures, please drop me a line.
Miss Cecilia Prim x


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