London Mistresses – Ms.Arielle


A lusciously elegant, wickedly creative, cruelly imaginative and invigoratingly intelligent elite Mistress. I have years of experience in the art of dominance with both newbies as well as surprising even the most experienced subsmissives and slaves. With a mischievous glint in my eye, deep emotional intelligence and a tantalising hourglass figure, I am a chameleon in understanding and challenging your needs and mood.

My speciality is the sophisticated sensual aspect of pleasure, pain and psychological control. I have a wickedly sadistic streak and if you ask very very nicely I will carefully push your limits further than you thought. 

As a Domme I have perfected a refined skill for reading your body and mind and their reactions.


My favourite indulgences include:

Sensory play: Your trousers round your ankles and bent over my lap or a stool, tormented with a stinging hand and delicious choice of toys. But then, maybe you should just get on your hands and knees naked save for a leather collar and leash.

Ritual Play: Creating rituals and ceremonies using tantric breath, sacred pain, sound, bondage, theatre therapy and a plethora of other techniques to give you experiences of personal exploration and even catharsis.

Roleplay: Naughty naughty boy! go stand in the corner, your hands on your head while you wait to be admonished, made to bend over my desk awaiting your punishment

Mentorship for novice couples in the delicious ways of BDSM pleasure and pain

The scenarios and possibilities are almost endless …..

We will discuss your desires and boundaries and even if its something more unusual do tell me because I’m very open minded. Even if you’re new to all this please don’t fret as I’ve introduced many a soul to the exquisite pleasures of submission. We can take it as slowly or as quickly as feels right for you. Make sure you carefully look through my website before you get in touch with me.