Lancashire Mistress CP

Lancashire Mistress CP is a mature, seductive, sensual Mistress with a sweet sadistic twist.

She can be soft and sensual to sadistic and cruel. Your pain is definitely Her pleasure.

Mistress conducts sessions from Her beautiful chambers in Lancashire.
Her interests are varied and She has a creative, open and intelligent mind designed to explore your deepest darkest desires.

Mistress does not like to rush. She will take Her time to explore your mind and body, looking for your weaknesses and once found, you are Hers to torment.

As well as full KINK / BDSM play, Mistress offers extended bondage sessions.

These sessions are designed for those who want to experience pure bondage.
You will either relax into the restraints and feel a true sense of comfort, or you will try and struggle free – whichever you choose, there is no escape!

She is highly skilled in combining bondage and breath play. Not only is this an edgy activity, it’s highly sensual, erotic and will take you to new places.

Fancy being a GIMP for the day – where you will be bound, gagged and ignored, or maybe used as a footstool?

Mistress also offers full MTF transformations & photography, turning you into the girl of your dreams..

Mistress looks forward to your visit.

Please visit Her website for more information.