London Mistresses – Sir Claire Black

You can call me Sir Claire

A genuine sadistic dominant with over 10 years professional experience, I take great pleasure in understanding and exploring your deepest and darkest desires with you.

I enjoy playing with bottoms, submissives, masochist, slaves and fetishists, as well as newbies and the more experienced. Whatever your predilection, provided you’re open and respectful we’ll get along great.

I dress for my comfort, not yours, so unless otherwise requested (or the mood takes me) I’ll wear black casual wear and boots.

My sessions are held either in the well equipped Peacock Parlour or my apartment, both in Islington..

Some of my current favorite scenes include:

Tie and tease
Leather Fetish
Impact Play
Nipple Torture
Cock and ball torture

That list is far from exhaustive, check out my website to find out more.

I recommend you read (at least) my FAQ page on my website thoroughly before getting in contact. I am not like most other Mistresses so make sure you understand what you’re getting into before emailing.