Manchester Mistresses – Mistress Brown

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Perhaps you’ve played for years, and know your preferences well. Perhaps you have never played before and are nervously excited to explore this side of yourself. Either way, you should know a bit about Manchester Dominatrix,Miss Buffy Brown and MY, approach to BDSM.

Hello my name is Bea, you can call me Momma Bea.

I have wondered for a long time why I like to nurture and cuddle those around me.  I have wondered why it gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction to have my special boys and girls in my arms, drifting off to lulabyes.

The answer is quite simple I am naturally maternal. However, if my baby decides to misbehave, over my knee you go for a sound spanking or corner time.

My name is Mistress Buffy Brown and I have been a CP practitioner and reformer of behaviour, using negative reinforcement techniques for 7 years.  There are many reasons why Corporal Punishment is sought after as a form of fetish/kink.  I find the correlation between receiving CP at a young age and seeking it at a later age is, very prevalent.