London Mistresses – Mistrix Kali Domina

I am a sensual, ruthless and experienced Dominatrix and Wrestler born and bred in London.

Enter into my realm, my garden, my playpit, my theatre. Feel what it is to surrender. Engage with my play, immerse in my poetry. Our meeting will be like nothing you have known and beyond what you expect. I honour my namesake, the ferocious Goddess Kali; slayer, dark mother, and the death of ego. Come in; I will have you under my thumb in seconds. I will overpower you on all levels; physically, intellectually, energetically and of course through my wicked sense of humour.

I am an artist and a healer. A trickster and a tough nut. A queer wolf spirit.

This is the Art of Domination.

I adore almost all domination practices; for me the connection is the most important aspect of our meeting. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than finding out what makes you tick, witnessing you squirm, and us both deriving pleasure from it.

Our sessions will go as far as you are comfortable with- we can discuss your desires from the outset, or you can let me take you as far as I want. I know how to read you, and how much you need. I am natural, playful, sensual, and tender when necessary. I am also cruel, sadistic and unforgiving. I am a chameleon you can trust. I enjoy getting to know my subs over time and us both growing from the ride.

My sessions will be very different to anything you have experienced. I incorporate my work as a bodyworker, reiki practitioner and tantric healer in guiding the session and informing our connection. I grew up training animals and have a background in movement theatre. I draw from all of these arts in my sessions. I work with compassion, care and respect in everything I do.

On the mats, I am a she-wolf. Swift and agile. I specialise in semi-competitive and fantasy scenarios. With my background in circus and physical theatre, I am athletic and I’ll have you submitting before your knees hit the mats.

I have been a Pro-Domme and Wrestler for 12 years, and have sessioned with subs in London, New York, Athens, Berlin, Dubai, Toronto and Paris. I am happy to travel anywhere in the world provided all expenses are paid. Keep an eye on my tweets for travel plans.

I have recently completed a Master’s degree, have wide interests and a varied, creative life. These all contribute to me being excellent at what I do. I operate with complete confidentiality and professionalism. I like to get to know my subs, and I expect the same.

Write to me via email. Compose what you say and pay attention to every word. Respect starts at first contact.

I look forward to meeting you. Come play.

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