Manchester/London Mistresses – Miss Sarah Kane

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I am very much respected, in the BDSM community, as one of the UK’s best Transgendered Rubber Fetishists. I have been involved in the scene for over 20 years. When I first began all those years ago in Brighton the internet was in its humble beginnings. Adult contact was via contact magazines, phone boxes and shop window adverts. I loved nothing more than emptying my PO BOX once a week.

Hasn’t time changed? Twitter, Blogs, Iphones its all about social media now.

Fetish Wear
My passion is latex, it’s like a second skin to me. I love nothing more than sliding into some shiny slinky latex. Then having a slave fully worship my latex clad body.

Playing with me
I would consider myself the full package and very experienced, but most of all very caring and understanding, for those of you who choose to step out of the cyber world and visit me for real.

I love all kinds of play from a simple tie and tease to very intense rubber session in a fuly equipped rubber room.

What do I enjoy
For me rubber play is about connecting with a person in an intermit way, I very much enjoy wearing full latex and I also love dressing my Play Toys in rubber for my pleasure

My favorite toys include E-STIMS electrics, gasmasks and re-breather systems.
I am more than happy to switch or play on a mutual level as I feel this dynamic sometimes works best.

You are my play toy
I only seek genuine players, it does not matter if you are experienced or not as all I ask is that you open up to me completely, share your fantasies, dreams and desires with me and allow me to enter your mind.

I am more than happy to play with females and couples.
Ball is in your court – Are you ready for you adventure into my world of rubber?

I know for many it’s a big step moving from cyber world to the real world but I am very experinced and cant wait to to take you on your journey into the land of rubber.

Enjoy looking around my website; the ball is now in your court. if you wish to take the next step and arrange a rubbery time with me.